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Tight Change -- A 3D printed coin holder

Paying in cash is powerful! But one minor inconvenience comes in the form of change.

You may be one of two people:

No More!

With "Tight Change", everyone can hold onto their change, and be able to quickly spend it whenever needed. Revolutionary "bobby-pin" technology holds the coins in so this can work even with lower-quality prints.

I used to believe the perfect amount of coins to hold is 99¢: That way you can always make change for anything you purchase. The problem with this comes with re-use: the first purchase you make can be made with exact change, but the second shopkeeper you visit might end up giving you change that you can't even hold in your container.

The $4.24 design holds * 3 dollar coins * 3 quarters * 4 dimes * 1 nickel * 4 pennies

Since there is redundancy, you can even make change from your existing coins: trade in a dollar coin for four quarters (and store a quarter in the dollar slot), or for 3 quarters 2 dimes and a nickel.

Video of inserting the bobby pin into it.