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Support RMS?

I disagree with rms on a variety of things, but I find common-ground on his insight into the dangers of proprietary software. As such, I support him in his role at the Free Software Foundation, as a fighter against proprietary software.

Some have been outraged at his opinions on sexual morality, which I think are consistent with his (formerly mainstream?) secular worldview.1 His critics on this issue may come from a variety of perspectives; it's hard to see consistency in argumentation here. That is, they don't present reasoning to back up their accusation. They also fail to explain how these opinions disqualify him from leadership in the software field.1

In contrast to these critics,1 I'll provide reasoning, with the hope that all might be informed:

You and I may never meet to talk about this, but some day you will meet God, and be judged by Him. I pray you will repent of your sin and submit yourself to God through our mediator Jesus Christ (Hebrews 9:27-28).

Having read this, you may think I have fringe philosophical beliefs. Great! That'll happen in a free society when you listen to other people.

As his religious beliefs on these subjects don't affect his stance on software freedom, rms should not be removed from the FSF. (If he was a member of a Christian organization, this would be a completely different question.) As I don't believe he has committed a crime against humanity, I don't think he should be removed from society. (If he did, it should be reported to and handled by the civil authorities (Romans 13:1-7).)

-Zach DeCook

The communists, trade unionists, incurably sick, Who cared about them? We Confessing-Church-Christians let that happen. When they came for me, there was no one left to speak for me.

-Martin Niemöller

  1. Upon reading Drew's article about RMS's opinions on sex with minors, I retract this statement